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“Re-Negotiating Identity” by Jassim al-Nashmi

A seminar by Jassim al-Nashmi titled: Re-Negotiating Identity.
In this talk, al-Nashmi traces his journey of bouncing between art, architecture, and furniture, and how his career has been a meandering path rather than a straight one. By negotiating the identity of his region as well as his own through his work, al-Nashmi combines everything he’s learned from schools of thought around the world into one practice.

Jassim F. al-Nashmi holds degrees in Architecture and Urban Design from ETHZürich and Iowa State University where he spent a semester at London’s AA, and has exhibited artwork in the USA, UK, Brazil, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, at galleries/museums like Jameel Arts Centre and Future Perfect NY, with two collectives, namely “What’s Your Location?” and “Desert Cast”.
Al-Nashmi now runs “manmade studio” which operates at the intersection of art and design for bespoke and collection pieces in which he collaborates with local/Arab designers and craftsmen. The studio takes from the designers’ globalized experience to imbue the contested image of what is Arab, and its focus is on highlighting the contemporary Arab identity through design.


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