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Dr. Saleh Baraka Al-Saeedi. “Al-Hilali Epic Journey”

Dr. Saleh Baraka Al-Saeedi’s lecture titled, ‘Al-Hilali Epic Journey’.

In this lecture, we will review a historical account of the reasons for the al-Hilali migration and the role of each of the narrators and storytellers in tracking these stories. We will try to determine if the Hilalians really migrated from Najd, as is narrated, and review later historians who agree with this version of the narrative.

Dr. Saleh Baraka Al-Saeedi is a Kuwaiti writer and researcher. He holds a Ph.D. in political science from Helwan University. He worked as director of the Kuwaiti media office in Algeria, and as a political editor for Al-Qabas newspaper. He also published many research papers and political and historical studies in local and Arab newspapers.



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