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Alison Shan Price. “From Shakespeare to Southern Arabia:Doreen Ingrams (1906 – 1997)”

From Shakespeare to Southern Arabia: Doreen Ingrams (1906 – 1997), co-founder of the “Ingrams Peace”.

From the Series ‘The Middle East & Victoria’s Women’ presented by Alison Shan Price.
During World War 2, in April 1943, Doreen Ingrams, former actress and key player in the establishment of the ten-year intertribal ‘Ingrams Peace’ in the Hadhramaut, accompanied the Hadhrami Bedouin Legion on their 500-mile trip, by camel, through the arid regions that bordered on the ancient Frankincense Route. Here she witnessed the devastating effects of the Great Famine and was determined to be of assistance.
This lecture has been made possible through the tremendous support kindly given by Sultana al Qu’aiti and the Friends of the Hadhramaut.

Alison is the creator of The Middle East & Victoria’s Women’, a series of presentations and performances built on archival evidence. The series looks at the evolving cultural worldviews of early twentieth century women travellers in the Near/Middle East. From the Ottoman Empire, through World Wars, British Mandates and Protectorates, to Arabic Self-determination, their life stories present a unique insight into history. This lecture is the 6th in the series.