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End of GUST- Department of English and Translation Internship Program

An internship program, organised in cooperation with GUST- Department of English and Translation, has come to the end. The interns completed 12 hours of work, translating the labels for the Modern Architecture in Kuwait (MAK) exhibition at the Amricani Cultural Centre. It was a culturally enriching experience for all students, who had the chance to work in a professional capacity for a popular institution. We extend our sincere thanks to Dr. Asma Al-Duhaim for her cooperation and interest in the programs of Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah.
Ameenah Alawadhi
Shamah Alrabah
Yousef Ramadan
Mody Al Sarhid
Abdullah Alsaei
Omar El Borno
Dhary Almelhem
Rayan Almutawa


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