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Dr. Ziad Rajab. “Medicinal & Amuletic Artefacts in the Tareq Rajab Museum”

Annual Tareq Rajab Museum Lecture of Dr. Ziad Rajab titled: “Medicinal & Amuletic Artefacts in the Tareq Rajab Museum”

The ongoing Covid 19 pandemic is but the latest in a string of pandemics and plagues that have occurred throughout human history and all through time societies have strived to protect themselves against these plagues and illnesses. Along with traditional medicines and cures, people have resorted to more superstitious methods of protection such as the use of magic squares, talismanic clothes and jewellery, and magic bowls, among other things, all in the desperate quest to survive and avoid affliction. This talk focuses on major events in the Middle East and presents a selection of such talismanic artefacts from the Tareq Rajab Museum in addition to other artefacts with a broader medical use.

Dr. Ziad Rajab is the director of the New English School and a Tareq Rajab Museum board member. In addition to being a human resource specialist, he is involved in the arts, and has non-professional certificates in bookbinding, illumination, portraiture, oil painting and pottery. He is also an accomplished flautist.


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