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Striking a Diplomatic Note 20

DAI in association with Embassy of Turkey in Kuwait presents İSTANBUL – A WORLD CAPITAL by Tuluyhan Uğurlu.
Tuluyhan Uğurlu narrates what İstanbul represents in his 2005 composition. The work begins with the words of Napoleon Bonaparte: “If the world was a single country, the capital would be İstanbul”. This work has been performed at 450 concerts so far.
The parts of the work are as follows: • İstanbul, a World Capital • The City Where the Three Religions
Live in Harmony • The World’s Oldest Shopping Center:
The Grand Bazaar • İstanbul – Minarets and Towers: Sinan • A Love Story of İstanbul and the Tulip • Spiritual Sultans of İstanbul • Autumn in İstanbul