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Mohamad Arshad – Bansuri and Nasser Alqahtani

Music Night titled “Melody of Thoughts” performed by
Mohamad Arshad – Bansuri and Nasser Alqahtani – Piano
Mohamad Arshad is a Bansuri player from Jhang Sadar, Pakistan. He has been playing this traditional Punjabi folk instrument for more than 30 years. He is well known among Kuwaiti artists, with whom he has played and enjoyed music for the past 21 years that he has spent in Kuwait.
Nasser Alqahtani is a pediatrician that fell in love with piano since the age of ten when he was a student of Sulaiman al-Dikkan. He has been playing and composing music ever since and tonight he will premier some of his compositions.