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You Think Kuwait: DAI Museum Youth Council

You Think Kuwait: DAI Museum Youth Council is led by a group of teenagers who seek to raise social awareness on issues concerning the youth of Kuwait and the Middle East, through the creation and organisation of events, workshops and exhibitions, and seeks to provide teenagers with a creative space for innovation of ideas and insights.

The youth council is a one year program, where each year students between the ages of 14 – 18 (must be in secondary school) are recruited as members of the council and are led by an elected executive team. Their roles include working in different committees that coordinate activities and events in numerous ways, as well as becoming museum docents, guiding visitors through the exhibitions displayed at the cultural centre.

The first general meeting will take place at the Amricani Cultural Centre on Friday the 25th of November from 3:45 pm to 5:15 pm, where new members will be introduced to the museum, the youth council and the aforementioned activities, as well as be divided into chosen committees. Those who wish to join will register upon arrival. The museum hopes to see as many students as is possible in November, as this program is truly an exceptional opportunity that will be very beneficial to all students in the future.


November 15th 2016

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